February 08, 2017 · Digital Cinema Projects

ReflectionVOID - Coming Soon

ReflectionVOID is a new cutting-edge timelapse film by Lance Page, with an original soundtrack by Lorn. Step into the VOID and experience a dark trip through the portals of the high desert.

Planet Earth filmmaker Lance Page’s new short film uses complex motion control time-lapse photography combined with physical mirrors placed under the dark night skies of Joshua Tree, California. Working as optical illusions, the mirror’s vivid reflections mesh together with the background, resulting in a split screen practical effect. Page’s other-worldly visuals, complimented by Lorn’s heavy, cinematic style ultimately create a visceral screen experience unlike anything we’ve seen yet.


From Page Films and The Cinematic Syndicate
A short film by Lance Page
With Original Music by Lorn
Produced by Lance Page and Jesse Andrew Clark