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Lance Page · October 21, 2011 · Production Blog, Video · 0 comments

Happy Friday everyone! This will be my first official blog post, one of many to come. I will be using this blog to update you all on my latest projects and creative workflow. But first, don’t be afraid to explore the site and possibly stumble upon my collection of short films, music videos and artwork. In this post, I’ve included one of my music video productions from back in the summer of 2009 that has never been properly exhibited outside of a mildly promoted youtube upload and a tiny embed on the lead singer’s website with a… less than satisfied blurb along side it. But we would love to get everyone else’s impressions of the video so… check it out!

And about that updating you on my latest projects bit, if you’ll notice in the Time-Lapse Photography section, I have a brand new project that will be making its debut within a couple of weeks. It’s called Portland Nights and it’s a structured compilation of creative and unique motion controlled time-lapse clips taken of downtown Portland at night featuring a fantastic soundtrack generously provided by Portland’s own Andrew Parish. Time-Lapse has been my latest inspired medium and will be making its way onto the site very frequently in the near future.

Lastly, pagefilms.com is brand new and needs a boost to get out in front of an audience. If you dig what we’ve got going on here, please take a second to give us a “like” and share our work with someone who might enjoy it and share it themselves. Also don’t forget to leave some awesome feedback. We’d love to hear your thoughts about what we’re doing and if you are a fellow artist yourself, let us know what you’ve got cooking. Stay inspired.


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