Portland Nights – oh so close…

Lance Page · November 02, 2011 · Production Blog · 2 comments

Portland Nights

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you all an update on my “Portland Nights” time-lapse project and a bit of insight into its production as well. I was hoping to have it done, uploaded and flying around the web by now but here I am in Mountain View, CA blogging from a Starbucks while swimming in various post production work for Truthout and recovering from a 13 hour shoot yesterday. Not that I’m complaining, being the busiest I have ever been with video work is an amazing thing. So I’ll be heading back to Portland tomorrow morning and prioritizing post work but this time-lapse project is so close to being done I can almost taste it.

It started as a small project to help me learn my new motion controlled dolly system and as I continued to produce clips, I got more and more excited about structuring it and creating not just a compilation of time-lapse video clips but a fully formed journey through a beautiful city using the latest technology and an artistic perspective of distorted time.

The production of this thing was intense. I worked solo for the majority of it and many times found myself on foot hauling 2 heavy duty tripods, 2 bags full of heavy water bottles, a camera backpack and a 6 foot long dolly track to some part of the city where I was unable drive to. Over the course of about 4 months I produced close to 40 time-lapse clips and I’m using about 25 of them in the final video. I would generally leave my place with all my gear and return about 5 hours later with approximately 1 to 2 shots per night. The learning curve was immense. And I can now say with a great deal of confidence that a DSLR feels pretty comfortable in my hands and under my control, especially with time-lapse. But I still feel like I am just scratching the surface of the medium and I am very excited to go bigger and better on the next project. But don’t worry, I will have this one up very soon! So thrilled for it to see the light of day. When I post the video, I’ll go into some more detail about some of the shots and techniques and I would love to start some conversations on the project or anything related. Thanks for your patience. Stay inspired. Peace out.

  1. Hi Lance, I commented on the YouTube video. Again, awesome work. I’d love to shadow or help you out on a future project if you need a hand. I live in inner SE and shoot with a 550d. Cheers -George

    George Mihaly · November 17, 2011
    • Hey George, I forgot if I responded to you on youtube or not. I live in SE as well. I would love some help next time! It was definitely too much work for one person. Thanks for the comment. Currenty up to my neck in various post production work but I’ll let you know when I’ll be shooting some more PDX time-lapse.

      Lance Page · November 24, 2011

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