Weathering Spring – Photo Blog Pt.1

Lance Page · July 07, 2012 · Production Blog · 4 comments

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my latest time-lapse project. I’ll be posting several behind the scenes photo blogs showing different aspects of this challenging production. Check back for more and I will be updating the Page Films Facebook page with photos as well.

Part 1: Erratic Weather

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(Click here to view Part 3: Shooting at Night)

In 2012, Portland, Ore. saw the wettest March-May months in 72 years. But when your average Portlander argues that the rain “isn’t that bad” they may have a point. There were actually more drier days than last year, it just came down harder when it did rain. The city’s unpredictable, erratic spring weather made for many amazing photographic opportunities.

Here are some photos from two different days shooting from the Vista bridge looking west toward downtown Portland:

The Track Set-Up on the Vista Bridge

Photo: Lance Page

This was the first day shooting on the Vista bridge using Dynamic Perception’s Stage Zero dolly with a telescope head mounted to the cart. I set out to get some stormy cloud time-lapse but ended up with several shots that fit better with the sunny weather content toward the end of the video. I ultimately used just one of the close up shots looking at the city through the spikes.

Rain on the Track on the Vista Bridge

Photo: Lance Page

Here you can see a bit of the aftermath from the erratic weather I was faced with. The rain would come and go so fast that I often could keep a shot going by just holding an umbrella over the dolly cart.

The Stormy Day Shoot

Photo: Lance Page

This was the second day shooting on the Vista bridge a few weeks later. It was a magical day for time-lapse. In addition to this shot I also got the opening title shot and the Rose Festival fireworks shot all within several hours.

The Rainbow I Missed

Photo: Lance Page

An intense rainbow formed during the shot of the glimmering light over the city and there was also a thunderstorm in that same direction. If I had another DSLR I could have captured another time-lapse of it. I decided to stick with the shot I had and it turned out to be extremely dynamic.

Wet Gear

Photo: Lance Page

After I finished the shot of the glimmering light over the city I attempted to gather all my gear and move up the bridge where there was a better view of the rainbow and lightning storm which were still going strong. While I was setting up for that shot the sky just opened up and dropped everything it had on me, my gear and everyone who was pulled over on the bridge to witness this amazing weather. This photo was taken after scrambling to get everything into my car and out of the pouring rain. All of my gear got wet but fortunately nothing was damaged.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back soon for updates.


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