Weathering Spring Photo Blog Pt. 3

Lance Page · July 29, 2012 · Production Blog · 0 comments

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my latest time-lapse project. I’ll be posting several behind the scenes photo blogs showing different aspects of this challenging production. Check back for more and I will be updating the Page Films Facebook page with photos as well.

Part 3: Shooting at Night

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Since my last Portland time-lapse project was all shot at night I knew that I wanted to incorporate some of that experience into this project. I felt it would be one of the stronger sections because it was familiar territory. Also, because of all the day to night bulb ramping shots, an extensive night section was definitely a must.

Timelapse Portland I5

(Photo: Lance Page)

This was one of the first night shots I set out to get and I was fortunate enough to have some help from fellow time-lapse enthusiast Ron Wackford. This shot was taken with Ron’s Canon 7D. During this time-lapse of the traffic on the I-5 freeway a cop car pulled someone over with their flood light shining bright. This made for an interesting light flare during the time-lapse. Gotta love those happy accidents.

Time-lapse Portland Freeway

(Photo: Lance Page)

Here is my setup above the I-84 looking west towards downtown. This was one of the more experimental shots in terms of motion control because I had the camera pan, tilt down and then back up again toward the city as it was tracking. This would normally look robotic and unnatural but because of the “handheld” look I applied to the clip, it worked out well.

Highway Timelapse

(Photo: Lance Page)

This location turned out to be extremely dynamic because of the newly developed 99W highway bridge that has a very futuristic look to it. Everything from the cold reflective railings to the rows of white glaring street lights and of course the light streaks from the traffic made me feel as if I were in some sci-fi movie. This shot took two different attempts as I learned a valuable lesson about lens flare issues when using filters.

Fremont Bridge Time-lapse

(Photo: Lance Page)

This was my most unique setup. I wanted to capture as much of the reflection of the Fremont bridge in the rain puddle as possible so I turned the track upside down and rotated the tilt function on the telescope head so that the camera was upright. This allows for the camera to be just a couple of inches from the water which created a fantastic angle to capture the bridge reflection.

Fremont Bridge Time-lapse

(Photo: Lance Page)

Thanks for stopping by, give us a shout with any questions! More photos to come.


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