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I'm Lance Page, I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii where I currently live. I've been creating film projects in various mediums for over 17 years.

I specialize in dynamic time-lapse and motion control cinema. I like to blend the two into collages of deep dives into our vibrant reality. From 2014-2018 I captured eruptions at Kilauea Volcano and produced a trilogy of short films exploring the volcano's fascinating end to a 35 year long eruption. I pioneered the concept of using motion time-lapse to follow the rotation of the stars in relation to Earth in my first Vimeo staff pick 'Ride the Sky'. 'ReflectionVOID' features the portals of Joshua Tree, mirror reflections of astro time-lapse against starry skies, blending and melting together as perspectives shift.

My cinematography has found a home with various projects from BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Absolut, Adult Swim, AT&T, Pepsi, Nike and more. If you're interested on working with me or browsing my footage library, please contact

Lance Page - Page Films

Lance's work has been featured on:
  • BBC Planet Earth II
  • National Geographic
  • Nova
  • Discovery Channel
  • ATT
  • Cartoon Network - Adult Swim
  • Absolut
  • Nike

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