Celestial Events: A PageFilms Series

August 24, 2018 · Digital Cinema Projects

Celestial Events (CE) is an ongoing series from Page Films capturing the natural wonders of Earth and Sky.


Filmmaker Lance Page (Page Films) and synth artist Danijel Robnik (weneednothingsilence) are capturing notable celestial events and adding a creative twist. Page and Robnik have recently established a compelling synchronicity with recent projects Daylight Continuum, Total Eclipse: Third Contact and the recently released Kilauea epic, Volcanic Tides.

Previously Captured Events:

EVENT & DATE: Total Lunar Eclipse (Super Wolf Blood Moon) / January 20th, 2019

LOCATION: Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Shot on Mauna Loa at 11K feet on January 20th, 2019. The 4th installment of Celestial Events by Page Films features the Super Wolf Blood Moon, the last total lunar eclipse until 2021.

CE04 also features Rachel Hillen, a native to the Hawaiian islands who leaves an offering on sacred Mauna Loa. Hawaiian culture has always focused deeply on the “mana” (strength and power) of the natural landscape. Our relationship with the cosmos only seems to highlight this mana, bringing compelling perspectives and an overwhelming sense of wonder.

EVENT & DATE: Geminids Meteor Shower / December 11th – 14th, 2018

LOCATION: Kulanaokuaiki Campground in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The conditions were ideal and I was able to capture the brightest meteor I’ve ever experienced (thumbnail image). It was about 5am, still dark and meteors were everywhere. Sometimes 5 or 6 in just a few seconds. I was facing north, watching the same view as one of my timelapses as the whole ground lit up with amazing color. It took me a second to realize that it was light from a meteor behind me to the south. It was so bright I thought someone had pulled up to the campground with their brights on. I thought to myself, wow it would be really cool if my other timelapsing camera captured that one…

EVENT & DATE: Perseids Meteor Shower / August 11th & 12th, 2018

LOCATION: Mauna Loa & Kona, Hawaii

On August 12th, 2018 the perseids meteor shower peaked with brilliant streaks of color sprinkled throughout the sky. We captured it from over 10K’ on Mauna Loa and from the Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.

EVENT & DATE: Volcanic Plume / Full Moon / June 28th, 2018

LOCATION: Mauna Kea, Hawaii

In June of 2018 Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano was erupting ferociously from lower Puna while creating its own weather system. We spent the evening of June 28th on the summit of Mauna Kea capturing the plume from ‘Fissure 8’ as it was illuminated by the sunset and full moon.