Daylight Continuum

July 17, 2017 · Digital Cinema Projects

Daylight Continuum reimagines the concept of time, the birth of light from chaos, day from night and how a human being exists between the Yin & Yang of our world.

By innovatively blending Lance Page’s captivating time-lapse and Zander Beetge’s unique aerial perspective with an original soundtrack by the entrancing electronic musician WENEEDNOTHINGSILENCE we are taken on a solar and astrological journey and ultimately find ourselves suspended in the vast expanse of time.

A film by Lance Page and Zander Beetge

Music by weneednothingsilence

Dir. of photography / time-lapse / edit:
Lance Page

Aerial footage / actor:
Zander Beetge

Production gear support:
Alpine Labs

Gear used:
eMotimo spectrum ST4 motion head
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero slider
Canon 6D
Sony A7sii
DJI Mavic Pro
Canon / Rokinon glass