ReflectionVOID1.5 – Portals on Mauna Loa

October 01, 2020 · Digital Cinema Projects

Now we float through the abyss of our perspectives… a follow up to ReflectionVOID– COMING SOON

Watch our trailer below:

Dark sky, motion controlled astro time-lapse with in-camera mirror reflection effects. Shot at high elevations on the desolate and alien landscapes of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa. Captured over the course of three new moon phases during the summer months of 2020, featuring the comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE).

ReflectionVOID1.5 – Portals on Mauna Loa

A film by
Lance Page

Original music by
howardAmb feat. Stephanie Dosen

howardAmb is:
James Hambin
Stefan Scott Nelson
Rafe Mandel
w/ special thanks to GB Young

Watch our staff picked, award winning short ReflectionVOID