San Diego – Urban Patterns

September 13, 2017 · Digital Cinema Projects

San Diego, California. Hypnotic patterns of the city in time-lapse.

Experience a joyride through the downtown San Diego area in a mix of time-lapse sequences presented with some great beats by Tra’zae Clinton.

If you’re interested in licensing this footage please contact Lance @ Alternatively, you can browse my San Diego collection via Nimia Visuals or here at Page Films.

Lance Page - eMotimo spectrum ST4Time-lapse - San Diego

Lance Page monitoring a motion time-lapse capturing traffic on highway 163 toward downtown. (Photo: Lance Page)


Lance and Zander Timelapse in San Diego, CA

Lance and Zander celebrate capturing a great shot with a little whiskey! (Photo: Lance Page)


Lance Page 1200mm Time-lapse OB Pier San Diego.

Lance cleaning the lens for a 1200mm sunset time-lapse through the Ocean Beach Pier. (Photo: Doug Holt)


Ultra telephoto time-lapse - Page Films

Shooting a ultra telephoto time-lapse of the sun setting through the OB pier. (Photo: Lance Page)


Time-lapsing San Diego from Pt. Loma with eMotimo spectrum ST4. (Photo: Lance Page)

Capturing a stunning sunset from Pt. Loma, San Diego using the eMotimo spectrum ST4. (Photo: Lance Page)





Subaru Forester rigged for drive-lapse in San Diego, CA.

Lance’s Subaru rigged with a Canon 6D and 14mm lens for wide angle drive-lapse, Coronado, San Diego. (Photo: Lance Page)

eMotimo spectrum ST4 on iFootage Shark slider rig, San Diego.

Sony A7SII on the eMotimo spectrum ST4 with iFootage Shark slider, shooting from Shelter Island, San Diego. (Photo: Lance Page)