South Point – Hawaiian Time-Lapse

January 23, 2012 · Digital Cinema Projects

South Point – Hawaiian Time-Lapse is a time-lapse journey through the southernmost point in the United States on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Big Island is an incredibly diverse place and South Point is no exception, from its vast ranch lands to its incredible cliffside and awe inspiring Green Sands beach. Take a journey through South Point and through time, enjoy!

Lance Page - motion control time-lapse - Hawaii

Lance Page getting the intro time-lapse sequence showing the South Point sign. (Photo: Troy Page)

The Big Island is where I was born and raised and as an artist, I owe much of my inspiration to the beauty and diversity of the Island. You can hang out in the snow at above nearly 14,000 feet and then go surfing in 80 degree weather a couple hours later. South Point – Hawaiian Time-Lapse is an expression of the island’s diversity, though it focuses in on one incredible location, South Point. It might come as a surprise to many people that there are no palm trees in this video, the weather is often ominous and dark and the wind and rain come through like a freight train just about daily.

South Point Hawaii - Timelapse Page Films

Motion control time-lapse setup at the edge of the South Point cliffs. (Photo: Lance Page)

My brother Troy and I spent a total of five days at South Point over the course of two different camping trips. We worked around the clock using two DSLRs, a tracking rig, a telescope head and a grip of various other gear that we hauled in the back of our rental truck. Time-lapse was the mission. We produced around 33 clips and the majority of them made the cut.

South Point Time-lapse Lance Page

Lance sets up the dolly shot that moves through the old fishing structure at the edge of the cliffs. (Photo: Troy Page)


Lance Page - Motion Time-lapse Hawaii

Lance monitoring a 3-axis motion time-lapse in the moonlight. (Photo: Troy Page)


Lance Page - motion time-lapse - Hawaii South Point

Lance down in the cave setting up the Dynamic Perception slider rig. (Photo: Troy Page)


Lance Page - motion time-lapse - South Point, Hawaii

Lance hanging out above Green Sands Beach as his moonlight time-lapse moves along. (Photo: Troy Page)

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