Visions of the Cascades

August 23, 2018 · Digital Cinema Projects

Visions of the Cascades Poster

Visions of the Cascades is a mesmerizing collage of the beautiful mountain peaks of the Pacific Northwest. Each mountain presents its own unique character as it’s blanketed with the inevitable passing of time.

The sequences of VOTC were shot almost entirely solo and over the course of a 3 year period. There were many multi-day backpacking trips with heavy packs and road trips up and down the Pacific Northwest. Featuring music by Rafe Mandel and Stefan Scott Nelson.

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More about the project:

Beginning back in 2015 after I had moved to Portland, OR for a second time, I began what would come to be a years long project featuring many of the Cascade mountain peaks. One of my strategies consisted of picking a Cascade mountain then planning a backpacking shoot around the alpine forest part of the mountain so I could have lots of great perspectives of the peaks.

Most of the time, this consisted of hiking with heavy packs full of camping and camera gear for miles in order to find the perfect alpine views of the peaks. I’d usually stay just a couple nights and capture as much time-lapse as I could while being fully immersed in the scene.

BTS image, Page Films - Visions of the Cascades

Photo: Lance Page

My journey to capture the Cascades also took me on various road trips up and down the Pacific Northwest, I was always so excited to explore more of the mountain range. Some of the sequences were shot from along highways and during social camping trips. The two opening clips were captured from right along highway 2o in the Santiam pass.

It’s tough to describe the overwhelming beauty and serene, playful and vibrant atmospheres that I came across as I experienced the various alpine forests of the Cascades. My favorite adventure was probably the 3 Fingered Jack visit during the 2016 Perseids Meteor Shower. It’s several steep miles of hiking up through two breathtaking meadows that sit at the foot of the majestic, jagged mountain peak. There’s a glacial lake that sits up above the meadow with streams coming down, lots of deer and mountain goats roaming about. The weather was ideal with that perfect summer temperature and as night fell the meteors were plentiful and consistent.

There were so many magical adventures and incredible challenges involved in creating this piece, please enjoy Visions of the Cascades and a big thanks for your support!

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Lance standing on the shoulder of Three Fingered Jack

Standing on the shoulder of Three Fingered Jack, above a glacial lake, looking out toward Mt. Jefferson. Photo: Lance Page

Tent lit up with Mt. St. Helens Peak

My tent lit up in the foreground with the peak of Mt. St. Helens in the background. Photo: Lance Page

Motion time-lapse rig at Lost Lake Butte

Motion time-lapse rig capturing Mt. Hood in the full moonlight from Lost Lake Butte, OR. (Photo: Lance Page)




Camping at Sparks Lake, OR.

Camp set up at Sparks Lake, OR with Kyle Ledeboer. Photo: Lance Page