Summer, Oregon (Extended Cut)

Early in the summer I decided to take on one of Vimeo’s “Weekend Projects” since the “Your Summer So Far” theme went well with my desire to go camping as much as possible in my final weeks up in the great Pacific Northwest. After a couple camping trips I came home with a bunch of material and cut together a 60 second video for the project and it turned out great. I did, however, have way too much material for that 60 second length limit so I then decided to make an extended version. I since went camping a couple more times in Oregon and captured even more of the endless beauty the area has to offer. Continue reading

Weathering Spring Photo Blog Pt. 3

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my latest time-lapse project. I’ll be posting several behind the scenes photo blogs showing different aspects of this challenging production. Check back for more and I will be updating the Page Films Facebook page with photos as well. Continue reading